Further Questions for Barney McCarthy of White Dragon Communications Ltd

Posted on August 13, 2012

Hi Barney

How are U doing? Greetings from the land of the free!

We have a few extra questions to add to the list we gave you earlier, as follows:

  1. Is it true that White Dragon acts for Tiuta as well as Connaught?
  2. How have you managed the conflict of interest between your clients?
  3. Is Bill Warren at Tiuta related by marriage to one of you guys at White Dragon?
  4. Is White Dragon paid at an above-market rate?
  5. Are you really sure, relying on White Dragon’s deep inside knowledge at Tiuta, that no cash from the Connaught Income Fund, Series 1 has been used to pay White Dragon’s fees?
  6. Will the White Dragon come to the rescue of investors and return fees if it is found that the cash received by White Dragon may have come from the Fund?

Come on Barney, don’t be shy. Why not answer our previous questions as well ?

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