Urgent: Please contact your MP

Posted on November 5, 2015

The Action Group believes that the outcome of our claim against Capita now sits on a knife-edge. Will the Financial Conduct Authority continue to protect the people who made the scam possible, then covered up and walked away when the realised what they’d done? Or will it throw the book at them (and force them to write out a big cheque to us, their victims)? The answer could lay in your hands.

The Action Group played a leading role in lobbying for the removal of the FCA’s outgoing Chairman, Martin Wheatley. Early indications are that Tracey McDermott, who’s leading the organisation while a search is underway and could possibly be confirmed on a permanent basis, is far less complacent. So we’re in a better place than we were six months ago.

But getting what we want depends on cranking up the political pressure. This is best done by working through the All-Party Parliamentary Group established by Guto Bebb, Member of Parliament for Aberconwy. It’s thanks to him that we got the Westminster Hall debate in 2014, the FCA-hosted negotiations and now the FCA enforcement investigation.

The APPG could do a lot more to help us. But it needs our help first. Specifically, it needs more members. It is particularly short of Labour MPs, more of whom would make it more representative, but it needs to recruit additional members of all political stripes.

If you have not already done so, please, please write to your MP to ask him or her to join. If you don’t know who represents you, you can find out here.

A template letter can be found here. As a minimum, please edit it to reflect your name and address, your MP’s name and the amount and type of investment that you made. However, if you could also add some ‘colour’ such as the personal consequences you’ve suffered as a result of the Fund’s collapse, that would be a huge help.

We all know that this case has been dragging on for a very long time and it is tempting to write it off and put no more time into it. But we really are close now to the point where the FCA decides which side it’s on and whether it prefers incurring the wrath of 1500 investors or angering FTSE 100 outsourcing company. And it is essential that we have as many MPs as possible on our side as the FCA weighs up its options…

If your MP requests more information about the case, please contact connaughtactiongroup@gmail.com with their contact details, or give them ours, and we’ll do all we can to help.

Many thanks.
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