Tiuta Group

Tiuta International placed into administration…

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Nigel Walter

Mike Davies

Partner & Compliance Officer at Alro LLP. London, United Kingdom.
Chairman at Connaught Asset Management Limited.
Partner & Compliance Officer at Total Financial Solutions.
Previous Compliance Officer at Tiuta PLC
Compliance Officer at Infinity Mortgages

Please see below documents:

Tiuta plc Annual Return to 26th October 2011

Tiuta plc Accounts to 31st March 2010

Tiuta plc screen grab showing filed accounts are overdue

Connaught Tiuta Loan Agreement

Lot Finance Limited

Mansfield Road Freehold Limited

Tiuta Assets Limited

Tiuta Bridging Limited

Tiuta Credit Limited

Tiuta Estates Limited

Tiuta Finance Innovation Limited

Tiuta Finance Limited

Tiuta Funding Limited

Tiuta Loans Limited

Tiuta plc

Tiuta Premier Limited

Tiuta Property Limited

Tiuta Secured Limited

Wimbledon Development Finance Limited

Audited Accounts 30.9.11

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