Posted on April 30, 2014

Are you free next Wednesday morning (7 May)?

If so, and if you possibly can, please join us and other investors at
Westminster Hall, in the Palace of Westminster, where Alun Cairns MP, who with
colleague Guto Bebb has founded an informal All-Party Parliamentary Group
representing the interests of Connaught investors, has called a debate on the
subject for 11am.

We understand that the new Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrea Leadsom,
will be answering questions put by MPs on behalf of constituents who have lost
money as a result of investing, in good faith, in what was (mis) represented as
a guaranteed, low-risk scheme. Some of the difficult questions likely to be
raised include:

– Why did Capita conceal from investors what it knew about Nigel Walter’s past,
the many ways in which it had misled investors about how the scheme operated,
and the multiple failures of the Fund to operate as described in the Information

– What did the FSA, as it then was, know, and when, and why did it fail to act
to protect investors?

– Why has the FCA still not yet issued a restitution order against Capita for
the full quantum of investors’ losses? Does it intend doing so?

Please contact your MP to ask him or her to attend the debate and to ask these
and any other relevant questions. Information on how to do so can be
found here.

We would love to see you at the debate. If you are able to make it, please
arrive at least 20 minutes before the 11am start time to get through security.
We plan meeting outside the main entrance to the Palace of Westminster at

Full information on the venue can be found here.

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