Coverage in Private Eye magazine

Posted on October 19, 2012

It seems our limey colleagues are making some serious traction bringing investors’ plight to the attention of the media. A piece was published (top right) just yesterday in Private Eye magazine, exposing the conflict in interest in BDO being appointed administrator of Tiuta International and the tardiness of the ACCA in dealing with discredited insolvency practitioner Peter Hollis.

We hadn’t heard of Private Eye before, but apparently it’s the most popular news and current affairs magazine in the UK, selling more than 225,000 copies a fortnight and being widely read by politicians and national newspaper journalists, many of whom follow up stories first published in what we understand you Brits fondly call ‘the Eye’.

We hear that further media coverage could be in the pipeline. If anyone reading this has any further hard evidence of illegal activity, or of negligence on the part of any of the professionals or regulators, please email

We hope that the risk of further adverse media coverage will prompt the ACCA to do the right thing and ban Hollis from the profession, almost two and a half years after his conduct was roundly condemned by a High Court judge in a hearing he refused to attend. We also hope the FSA, BDO, Rawlinson and Hunter and Capita, all of whom have difficult questions to answer, will choose to do so in private, to investors, rather than waiting for reporters to come knocking. Some might also want to have their checkbooks handy…

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