How to respond to Hollis of KPF

Posted on September 27, 2012

The Action Group requests that every investor who has put in a redemption request over 6 months ago to fill in the forms sent out by KPF and to send back the forms to him with a copy to us at our website email address:

We would also request that you write a covering letter which states:

Dear Mr Hollis

I request that you stand down from office as administrator of Connaught Asset Management. I am given to understand that you can be removed from office at a meeting of creditors without cause.

I now call for a meeting to be held to replace you with a practitioner who has not been hand-picked by the discredited management team at Connaught Asset management in favour of Zolfo Cooper. I am given to understand that Zolfo Cooper has a very solid reputation and that it is respected by investors.

Since I submitted a redemption request over 6 months ago, I am a current (not contingent) creditor of Connaught asset management under the terms of the relevant limited partnership agreement.

Yours sincerely,

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