Duff & Phelps

Posted on August 10, 2012

The Action Group has been shocked by the revelation that Duff & Phelps have been appointed as advisers to the Fund and are paid from investors’ monies in the Fund.

Our questions are:

  1. Why is not Connaught or Tiuta or Blue Gate Capital paying for the advice of Duff & Phelps?
  2. Surely the persons responsible for the alleged mismanagement and/or alleged criminal misappropriation of the assets of the Fund should pick up the bills?
  3. How can the costs of Duff & Phelps be justified in terms of the objectives of the Fund?
  4. Surely the Fund should reclaim all monies paid to Duff & Phelps from all of those parties suspected of gross mismanagement and/or criminality?
  5. Will Duff & Phelps make available all of its papers to investors in the Fund and their advisers since investors have apparently paid for all of the work undertaken by Duff & Phelps?
  6. What are the terms of engagement of Duff & Phelps?
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