Response to email dated 6th August 2012 from Barney McCarthy of White Dragon Communications Ltd

Posted on August 8, 2012

Hi Buddy,

Greetings from the USA, the land of the free! We sure hope that you are enjoying the Olympics in London. However, to be serious, we also can’t get over your message. It has caused us much hurt and anxiety. It’s so not in keeping with the Olympic ideals.

As fair-minded people, we will publish your message (under the heading : “Connaught Threatens Action Group”) and this email in response to all of the investors who have lost tens of millions of hard earned dollars/pounds on the website so that they can phone you up. We urge people not, repeat not, to get mad at you however angry they may feel. You are only a humble messenger after all.

We can’t get any answers from Connaught to our lists questions (see the website for details) and you know what, that sucks.

Our big questions for you are:

1. Why is there a hole of tens of millions of pounds in the Guaranteed Low Risk Income Fund, series 1?
2. Why can’t investors be allowed the return of their investments, what’s left of them?
3. Will you attend the meeting of investors on 13 August in Birmingham or anyone else on behalf of Connaught?
4. Will Connaught sue any investor who opens his big mouth at the meeting of investors ?
5. Do you think that threatening people who wish to raise suspicions of fraud and theft is a winning formula for a PR man and do you really know the facts?
6. Which officer of Connaught instructed you to threaten us (and remember we can get that information from you as it is not privileged)?
7. When will you resign from acting for Connaught?
8. Are you upset that we Americans are beating you in the Olympics medal table? Sorry, that last question is a bit below the belt.
We are happy to make corrections to any part of the website that may prove to be incorrect. We don’t want to hurt the feelings of well paid executives who have caused losses of tens of millions of dollars or pounds. Come on, Buddy, please give us with all of the hard information that you have.

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