Are there two companies called Connaught Asset Management?

Posted on August 6, 2012

It appears that there may be an onshore company and an offshore company called Connaught Asset Management Limited. The annual return in March 2012 of the English company called Connaught Asset Management says that a shareholder is Connaught Asset Management Limited. Is the latter a separate offshore company?

It has been rumoured that the Fund lent money to Connaught and it then re-lent money to Tiuta and that Connaught made a handsome profit. Would the lending be to Connaught Asset Management, the offshore company or some other offshore vehicle? The facts are very unclear and investors have not been given any facility agreements or other documents between the Connaught and Tiuta entities.

The Action Group has been the recipient of speculation that Connaught and its directors (including the alleged de facto director called Nigel Walter) have made millions as middlemen. Mike Davies has not answered any questions about the money made by Connaught and its directors.

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