Who is the Mr Big behind Connaught ?

Posted on August 5, 2012

It appears that Nigel Walter, who ran a highly speculative land banking business called UKLI Limited, is the man who calls the shots at Connaught.

We attach a link providing details of the land banking business at UKLI Limited and also a copy of Moore Stephens resignation letter as auditors. Moore Stephens highlights that Nigel Walter was an actual or de facto director of UKLI Limited although he was not recorded as such at Companies House. It also mentions that UKLI Limited had links with Connaught Asset Management.

Is he operating in the same way once again?

Word has reached the Connaught Action Group that Nigel Walter is the Mr Big behind Connaught.

We understand that he established Connaught and he signed the limited partnership agreement for the Guaranteed Low Risk Income Fund, Series 1 (the Connaught Income Fund, Series1) on behalf of Connaught Asset Management Limited and Connaught Administration Limited.

We understand that although officially he dropped out of the picture by ceasing to be a director and direct shareholder, it has been repeatedly alleged to us that in reality, he runs Connaught and still
has a huge financial interest. He transferred his shares to a director called Alistair Mawdsley and we would like Alistair Mawdesley to confirm whether he is merely a nominee for Nigel Walter. Apparently, Nigel Walter still has a desk at Connaught’s offices in Wimbledon and calls the shots.

There you have it, the man behind Connaught is an expert in selling bits of the green belt as development land to unsuspecting foreigners.

It is a grave pity that Blue Gate Capital did not warn investors of these facts in the Investment Memorandum. It might have highlighted the true qualities of the management team at Connaught.


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